Thinking skills

We are currently focussing on developing the children's thinking skills in school. One of these ways is by using the PMI strategy for given scenarios.

P = positive points

M – minus points

I = interesting points

Each week, the children are set a new scenario to think about and respond to in the main entrance.

Using thinking maps to improve learning

Thinking Maps give us the opportunity to visually represent, or "Map," the critical thinking needed to become effective learners. The Maps provide us with both the scaffolds and structures to support a deeper level of understanding.


Use the maps attached to help when carrying out a learning activity.


Map type Questions you would use the map to answer Template
Circle map

 What does _______ mean? Can you define _______?

Circle map template
Bubble map

 Use relevant descriptive details and sensory language in reading and writing. How would you describe _______? What are the characteristics of _______?

Bubble map template
Double bubble map

 Compare and contrast important points in two texts of points of view; draw comparative inferences about two populations. What are the differences between _______ and _______? How are _______ and _______ alike/different?

Double bubble template
Sequencing map

 Understand the steps and patterns in complex processes in order to answer questions and solve problems. What ordered steps would you follow to solve _______? How would you demonstrate the steps for solving _______?

Sequencing map template