Extra-curricular activities

Extra-curricular activities

At the Craylands School, we run a number of extra-curricular activities throughout the year. Such activities that have been run this year have included (led by external agencies):

  • Pro Futures Soccer football club (all year groups)

  • Gymnastics club (all year groups)

  • Musical theatre club (all year groups)

  • Creative writing club

  • Choir

  • Action figure photography club

  • Board Games club

  • Football club (years 4-6)

  • Team games club

  • Times Tables Rockstars club

  • French club

  • Change for Life club

  • Archery club

  • Lego club


The school runs two residentials within the school year (dependent on the numbers of children who sign up for them.)

Year 4 children have the opportunity to visit Grosvenor Hall in Ashford which is part of Kingswood; this is an adventurous activity based residential and the children are given the opportunity to develop their resilience, take risks and work together as a team to solve problems.

Year 6 have the opportunity to visit the Isle of Wight as part of the Isle of Wight Experience; this allows them to develop their skills of independence as they spend a week away from home. The residential allows them the opportunity to consolidate their learning in previous school topics including coasts and animals.

Allotment area/Outdoor learning

The school is lucky to have large grounds which we are developing the use of as part of our outdoor learning focus.

The school encourages classes to take ownership of an allotment bed to grow their own plants throughout the year, especially in the summer terms.

Throughout the year, the children have the opportunity to visit the outside area during subjects such as science and geography, investigating the animals and plant life that they can see.

As part of our journey to ‘Sports Mark’ the children take part in sporting events and competitions within the school year including basketball and orienteering. They will end the day with a ‘School Games’ day.