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Phonics Workshop 2018

What is Read Write Inc?

Read Write Inc (RWI) is a consistent, rigorous and dynamic literacy programme to teach EVERY child to read by the age of six. Using synthetic phonics, children quickly learn to blend letter sounds together following a fun and effective programme.

How can I help my child?

Many parents wish to help their child at home learn to read.  When children are learning to read and write it is much easier to say the sounds in a pure way.  This also helps children to segment words in order to be able to spell them.  In order for you to help your child we recommend that you watch the ‘Phonemes pronunciation guide DVD’ which can be found at

Why are we switching to RWI?

The RWI programme has been proven to be a very successful method of teaching every child to read and write using phonics. Evidence of this can be found in the Ofsted Report, Reading by six: how the best schools do it.

Who will be following the programme?

The children in Foundation stage and Key Stage one will be following the RWI phonics programme.

How often will my child read with a teacher?

Children will read their RWI books every morning with a trained member of staff (Eg. the class teacher, teaching assistant, or other support staff). These books will be kept in school. Your child will still bring home a reading book and it is still important that you listen to your child read every day.

Where can I find out more about RWI?

The official Read Write Inc website, provides all the information you need to support your child through the programme. You can also speak to, Miss Masters or your class teacher if you have any queries.


Watch the video clip to help you with sounding out the different sounds taught through RWI

Pronunciation guide

Spelling and Grammar

For two sessions each week in Key Stage 2, the children have a support for a spelling session focussing on the spelling pattern that the children have been given to practice for their spelling test on the following Friday.

With the new National Curriculum, there are new spelling patterns and word lists that the children will need to know.

Use the link below to look at the spelling patterns and word lists that the children will be learning from September 2014.

Punctuation and Grammar

For another two sessions, the children are taught punctuation and grammar. This ranges from teaching children about nouns, verbs and adjectives to identifying clauses within sentences. For more information on the SPAG test, please click on the link below.

SPAG Test Parent Information

Punctuation and Grammar National Curriculum appendix

For the final day’s session, the pupils are taught how to use cursive handwriting.

Power of Reading

For literacy in years 1 to 6, pupils will be taught texts based on the ‘Power of Reading’ scheme. Please find below more information regarding the Power of Reading.

Power of Reading Information