Reading at The Craylands

Reading at The Craylands

At The Craylands School, we have a variety of different ways in which we teach and develop reading.

We expect the pupils at The Craylands School to read regularly at home. This should be recorded in the reading record books that the children are given each year. If their reading book is too difficult, it will still be beneficial to share the story, but then a note in the reading record will ensure help in choosing a more suitable book to read next time. Research shows that this sort of help given at home has a major influence on reading development. Children in KS2 have an opportunity to change their reading books every day. The older the children get, the more the responsibility lies upon them to change their book when given the opportunity. The class teacher will check a child’s reading record regularly, sign it and make comments where appropriate. For those of you with children who are fluent in their reading, please click on the link below for guidance on how to question them on what they are reading.

Reading with the Fluent Reader bookletAdobePDF_Icon

Guided Reading

A timetabled guided reading session is in place every day throughout both key stages. The sessions last for a minimum of 20 minutes per day. These sessions focus on asking questions to develop the children’s comprehension skills. A range of content domains are covered. These include:

  • Give/explain the meaning of words
  • Retrieve and record information
  • Summarise main ideas from the paragraph
  • Make inference from the text
  • Explain and justify inferences referring to the text
  • Predict what may happen from details stated/implied
  • Identify/Explain how information/narrative is related and contributes to the meaning as a whole
  • Identify/explain how meaning is enhanced by the choice of words and phrases
  • Make comparisons within the text