The Craylands Governing Body

As the governing body of The Craylands School, we will:

Use challenge to hold school leaders to account

Provide clarity of vision and strategic view

Ensure financial probity

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This is the constitution of our Governing Board:

The Headteacher

7 Co-opted Governors

1 Local Authority Governor

1 Staff Governor

2 Parent Governors

The Governing Board operates on the Circle Model of governance. This means that rather than having committees governors work as individuals or small groups to monitor the work of the school. They report back to the full governing body on their activities.

These are the people in post, with their terms of office and governor responsibilities.

  Term of office Responsibilities
Headteacher Ex-officio
Kris Hiscock 1/04/16
Linda Cowey 6/10/2021 – 5/10/2025 Chair of Governors

Safeguarding/Child Protection

Pupil premium

Leadership and management

Headteacher’s Performance Management

Co-opted Governors
Kelly Chandler 8/2/21 – 7/2/25 Health and Safety

Leadership and management

Luke Hunter 20/4/21 – 19/4/25 Finance

Health and Safety

Rudo Manyemba 20/4/21 – 19/4/25  

Behaviour and attitudes


Precious Ikem 20/4/21 – 19/4/25 Quality of education

Sports premium

Marian Benford 20/4/21 – 19/4/25 SEN

Pay committee

Sarah Crook 10/2/23 – 09/02/27  
Parent Governor

Lacie Kerner

20/10/22 – 19/10/25 EYFS

Behaviour and attitudes

Charmaine Evens 10/2/23 – 09/02/27  
Staff Governor
Anne Scarborough 12/10/18 – 11/10/22  


Other premiums

Local Authority Governor

The Clerk to the Governors is Nigel Marchant.

If you wish to contact the Governing Board please address correspondence to the Chair of Governors or the Clerk to Governors C/O the school.

We have vacancies on the Board. If you are interested in joining the Governing Board this could be an opportunity for you. Contact the Headteacher in the first instance for more information.

Business Interests

The governors declare their business interests annually and update them during the year if required. This is the summary from September 2020:

Governor Business Nature of business Interest


K Hiscock None
K Chandler None
L Cowey None
A Scarborough None
S Beighton None
R Manyemba None
L Hunter None
H Sams None
P Ikem None
M Benford None


Here is the governor attendance record for the 2021-22 academic year:

  Full Governing Board
L Cowey 1/1
K Hiscock 1/1
K Chandler 1/1
A Scarborough 1/1
S Beighton 1/1
R Manyemba 0/1
P Ikem 0/1
L Hunter 1/1
H Sams 1/1
M Benford 1/1

A = Apologies accepted