Casual In year admissions

The Craylands School

In-Year Admissions

If you wish to apply for an ‘in year’ place for your child at Craylands School, you need to complete at IYCAF form and return it to our school office.  You will either receive an offer letter, or a refusal letter.

If a place is available and we have no waiting list we will write to you with an offer letter.

If a place is available and we have a waiting list, we will apply our over-subscription criteria to the waiting list, and offer a place to the highest ranking child at that point in time.  Please click here to view our over-subscription criteria.

If there is no place available we will write to you asking if you wish your child to be placed on the waiting list and offering you the right to appeal.

For further information on this process together with the appeals procedure, please visit the Kent County Council website:

Move to a different school – Kent County Council

To download an IYCAF form click here.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school on 01322 388230.