Have you heard of Braingym?

This may help your child to concentrate more on their learning at home and in school.

According to http://www.braingym.org.uk  these are some of the positive effects commonly fed back by those who use Brain Gym and those who observe the results, both in the classroom and for personal learning skills:

Education: improved focus, concentration, calm, memory, listening, speech and langugage, motivation, self-confidence in approaching new tasks and general learning skills across the subject range.

 Social and personal wellbeing: enhanced stress management, communication skills (such as public speaking), relationships, ability to plan and take action.

 In work and business: focus on task, team co-operation, leadership, confidence, organisation, competence and performing arts skills (such as singing and dance).

 Physical skills: improved co-ordination (gross and fine motor), balance, hand-eye co-ordination, sport and general movement skills.

Watch this video clip below demonstrating some of the Braingym movements…..why not try it with your child at home? Let us know if it helps your child to become a better learner.