Pupil Premium Funding 2012/13

This money is allocated to each school to support attainment and achievement for pupils who receive Free School Meals.

These children are identified and their needs assessed to find the best way to utilise the allocated money. The individual needs varied greatly and thus a variety of interventions have been used.

Funding was used for the following:

Resource Purpose

 Trip to Hastings

For families to have an enrichment experience together. To enhance emotional well-being.

Salary for counsellor

 To help the emotional well-being of certain pupils in order to gain confidence and achieve at school.

Outside clubs – football, drama etc

For the children to experience other aspects of school, to enhance emotional well- being.

Maths Whizz and salaries for supervision

To improve general Maths skills.


For the children not attending residential trips to have an enriched experience.

TA salaries

To spend quality time with the teachers to enhance quality first teaching in order to enhance achievement and attainment.

 Occasionally, the impact of extra support cannot be measured by statistics but has impacted greatly on the individual pupil which makes it difficult to evaluate.

However, July 2013 showed the school’s progress in the end of Key Stage 2 data. 71.4% of pupils gained at least level 4 in both English and Maths which is the second consecutive year above the national expectations. Please see the more detailed SATs percentages on the pupil attainment link on the school website.


Academic year 2013/14

With the funding received this year, we are providing the following support to our pupils:

Resource Purpose
Continuation of counselling To provide support for individual pupils to boost confidence and self-esteem to help performance in the class.

 Contributions towards the funding for residential trips

To enable pupils to experience learning in and outside the environment, develop teamwork and participate in adventurous activities to help with general life skills.

Contributions towards funding for outside clubs – drama and football etc

To support pupils in accessing enriching, extracurricular learning.
Maths Whizz To continue the funding so pupils can have the opportunity to use Maths Whizz during the school week alongside being used as intervention groups to accelerate progress and improve attainment.
1:1 tutor 3 afternoons per week to help boost individual children’s skills in Maths and English