Healthy Craylands

At The Craylands School, we do our best to promote a healthy lifestyle in a number of ways including:

  • planned 2 hours of Physical Education per week

  • a number of extra curricular sports clubs including boys’ football, girls’ football, cross country, netball, gymnastics

  • visitors with sports links including Olympians such as Chris Cook, archery sessions, circus skill sessions with the aim of encouraging pupils to take part in other sports outside of school

  • fruit and milk is provided for all KS1 pupils

  • KS2 pupils are encouraged to bring in and eat fruit at break times

  • taking part in sport competitions including football leagues, netball leagues, cross country competitions, athletic competitions

  • play leaders have been trained to lead games for KS1

  • A range of playground activities set up including football areas, four square and tyre parks to ensure children are active at break times


This year, the school council have already begun to consider ways to promote healthy eating and healthy lifestyles; the ideas that they have had so far, but have yet to start include:

  • Walk on Wednesday – children will be encouraged to walk around the school grounds before school starts each Wednesday (this is being trialled on Wednesday 2nd December from 8.30 am)

  • Fruit Friday – ALL children will be encouraged to eat Fruit on a Friday break-time; this will be monitored by the school council


Our current aims at The Craylands School are:

  • to increase the number of pupils who participate in more than 3 hours of physical activity per week from 60% to 75% for KS1

  • to increase the number of pupils who report knowing it is healthy to eat ‘5 a day’ from 80% to 95% per day in KS2

  • to increase the number of eligible pupils referred to the Healthy Weight Management Programme from 0-10 over three years


Click on the image below to read the school action plan:


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