Healthy Craylands


At Craylands School, we do our best to promote healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Some of the ways that we do this include:

  • planning for 2 hours of P.E. per week
  • Extra curricular clubs including boys football, girls football, cross country, netball, gymnastics, rounders
  • Visitors with a sports link including Olympians such as Chris Cook, archery sessions and circus skill sessions with the aim of promoting other sports to children for outside of school.
  • Fruit is provided for KS1 at break times
  • KS2 pupils are encouraged to bring in fruit to eat.
  • Play leaders have been trained up to lead activities at lunch time.
  • Playground equipment has been set up in different areas to ensure children have something to do at playtime including football, four square and tyre parks.


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