‘Good to be Green’ Guidelines



The school uses the ‘Good to be green’ behaviour system:

  • Every child starts each school day with a ‘green’ card; a child who has shown that they have been a ‘Craylearner’ throughout the day may be given a privilege card which will reward them with 5 team points.
  • If a child is disruptive in class, the teacher issues him or her with a verbal warning.
  • If a child continues to disrupt the class and have already had a verbal warning, we issue them with a warning card.
  • If the behaviour continues, a consequence card is issued which excludes the child from play for the following break time (a detention)

A consequence card may be issued immediately if:

  • A child places another child’s safety at risk
  • A child who is unkind for no reason e.g. name calling, spreading rumours, taunting
  • A child physically injures another for no reason
  • A child uses inappropriate language
  • A child uses racist or homophobic language
  • A child is disrespectful or refuses to follow instructions given by staff members.

All warning cards and consequence cards that are issued, are recorded in the class behaviour logs, with the date and reason given. Detentions are recorded in school and parents/carers are informed of the reason for the detention by a slip that is sent home

Children who receive less than the determined number of consequence cards and/or less than a determined number of warning cards overall and/or for ‘unkind behaviour towards others’ will be rewarded with a respect certificate. The number of consequence cards/warning cards is re-set once the letters inviting parents to the respect assembly or explaining that there child has not been invited; any cards received at the end of the term will count towards the number allowed for the next term – this will ensure that high expectations of behaviour are expected at all points in the year.

Children who receive more than the set number of consequence cards will be provided with further support to improve their behaviour; this could involve having a behaviour chart, a reward chart or being placed on a report system to ensure contact between school and parents. It is expected that improvements in behaviours can be rewarded and praised at home as well as in school.

Children who continually receive warning cards for unkind behaviour towards others are not contributing towards a respectful community. In line with our anti-bullying policy, we do not accept bullying of any kind and repeated unkindness towards others can be considered a form of bullying. These children therefore will not be invited to the respect assembly. They will be supported to improve their behaviour, through similar means to those who receive consequence cards.

Children with roles and responsibilities that promote good role models, including:

Head boy and head girl

Deputy head boy and girl

House captains

School council members

Prefect roles e.g music monitor, office monitor, bench monitor

who receive more than set number of consequence cards per term and/or receive more than the set number of warning cards for ‘unkind behaviour’, will have these roles suspended for at least three weeks, with the risk of them being removed permanently if their behaviour does not improve (no more consequence cards and/or warning cards for ‘unkind behaviour towards others) in those three weeks).