At Craylands, we are developing our understanding of what being an ‘effective learner’ or a ‘Craylearner’ means. We have been joined by a new mascot who you can meet below, who will help to deliver the ‘Craylearning’ message throughout our school.

Meet Lenny the Craylearning Lion – “I’m the King of the Learners”


This is what Lenny says that a Craylearner does…..





L  istens to others.

E xtends their own learning.

A sks lots of questions.

R esearches answers using books, and the internet.

N ever worries about getting things wrong.

E njoys finding things out with others.

R isk takes…..has a go at things.

S ucceeds using resources.

The children were set the challenge of creating an acrostic on what a learner does which we based the ideas above on. Here are some examples below:









Some children designed some Craylearning mascots!







We set the children a challenge to write a story to explain how Lenny the Craylearning Lion became a Craylearner. You can read the winning stories by clicking on the image of Lenny below.